Concrete Finish & Concrete Stamping

Concrete Stamps

Cross Industry Construction uses Brickform textured patterns which has the highest degree of quality and precision. We have a large selection of unique patterns and designes to give you the Homeowner the options needed to create something truly special. Our concrete specialist will turns those visions into realities.


Flagstones with hand chiseled edges grouped in a random formation.

London Cobble

A staggered pattern of cobblestone with smooth joints and rounded edges.

Herringbone New Brick

A wire-cut common brick texture with sharp corners and few indentations or irregularities over the surface.

European Fan

An elegant European fan pattern, consisting of slightly curved rectangular slate stones.

New England Basket Weave

Hand-tooled slate in a basket weave pattern.

Running Bond Used Brick

Used bricks laid end-to-end, with sandy joints.

Running Bond New Brick

A running bond pattern with smooth joints.

Basket Weave New Brick

New bricks in a basket weave pattern with sandy joints.

Classic Wood

Combining multiple wood grains to offer a bold, pronounced, exposed grain texture with six-inch wide planks

Ashlar Cut Slate

A naturally laminated stone texture split along parallel planes, hand-tooled to create a more pronounced chipped fragmented texture with small deep joints.

Random Stone

Heavily textured random fieldstones.

Large Ashlar Cut Slate

Similar to Ashlar Cut Slate but the overall size is larger, with a softer texture.

Sanded Slate Texture

Similar to our slate texture with the addition of a lightly sanded appearance across the entire texture field.

Smooth Slate Texture

A naturally laminated stone texture, split along parallel planes, creating an uneven surface that incorporates various veins and ridges.

Broom Finish

A basic finish that allows for a durable, high traction surface.

Recent Concrete Projects

View our Recent Concrete Projects to get a idea for which type of Stamp, and Color would work for you.

Concrete Base Color Cards

Disclaimer: This digital color card should be used as a general guide, not a definitive indicator of final color. Shades and hues can vary depending on screen settings. When planning a project, consult a physical color card for a better indication of potential color. Create a representative mockup before any project to better account for the effects of conditions, material, and techniques that may alter the final appearance or color.

320 Golden Sandstone

1080 Adobe Bluff

1070 Sandy Bluff

325 Sandstone

350 Desert Tan

1030 Ash White

250 Oyster White

1090 Sun Bluff

1010 Smokey Beige

300 Nutmeg

625 Dover Blue

615 Stone Gray

600 Light Gray

200 Medium Gray

100 Dark Gray

815 French Gray

1040 Weathered Sage

1045 Shadow Slate

825 Slate Green

650 Smokey Blue

330 Coconut

735 Cappuccino

310 Cream Beige

1035 Summer Beige

1055 Pecos Sand

1020 Antique Rose

1050 Antique Cork

515 Sunbaked Clay

700 Terra Cotta

425 Autumn Brown

1015 Blush Beige

375 Buff Tan

525 Dusty Rose

400 Chestnut

810 Walnut

115 Venetian Pink

1065 Quarry Red

500 Tile Red

575 Victorian Red

550 Brick Red